The in-school intervention at the Lagos Baptist Senior Secondary School, Orile Agege came to a close on November 1, 2017, with 75 students graduating from the youth-focused, and sport-themed health programme using the Advanced SKILLZ curriculum.

The ADVANCED SKILLZ targets Nigerian adolescents aged 13 to16 using soccer, its language, and metaphors and other physical activities to address key behaviours that drive the spread of HIV/AIDS, other STIs as well as malaria education.

The Caring Coaches who championed this intervention were Peace Obadoh, aka Coach Peace; Uchenna Utazi, aka Coach Mal;  Ugochi Utazi, aka Coach Flambeau; Olamide Adebola, aka Coach Holarmyth; and Adebayo Salami, aka Coach Tiny Bayo.

Certificates of graduation were given to the students who completed more than 80 percent of the 10-practice curriculum.

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