Sunday Okoli is 14 years old. He just went through the SKILLZ Guyz programme and shared a story with YEDI’s Communications Officer. Sunday used to be a very shy person and lacked self-confidence. “It used to be difficult for me to make decisions on my own and stand by it.  But that is over now. Also, I had this problem that I hardly speak up especially in class; each time the teacher asks us a question, I would be so shy that I would never raise my hand to answer it even if I knew the answer. I would be shaking because I would be thinking of what my classmates would be thinking of me.” According to Sunday, the fear of being disgraced was too much him. “I hate disgrace; before now, I was always mindful of what people are thinking about me,” he confessed.

But how did all that change in a spate of three months? Sunday remembers the Practice session (Practice 9) when they were taught that Yes Means YES! Now I know how to speak up and the importance of speaking up. I also used to be very disobedient at home. For instance, I used to grumble each time I was sent on an errand by my mother. The practice session that says, “YOUR YES MEANS YES”, has helped me to believe in myself and stand by my words so that my yes is now yes, and my no is no.