13-year-old Eshiemomoh Daniel was part of the Project at Ajayi Crowther Secondary School. Just like his co-participants, he also went away with key takeaways including self-confidence and decision making: “I learnt how to speak up for myself and that other people cannot make decisions for me. I’m now more self-confident; I can ask for help any time I need help without feeling shy about it.” But unlike his fellow participants, Daniel was the only one that spoke boldly about the use of condom use, to the admiration of his SKILLZ Coach. “There’s something that seems to be the in-thing among my pears. I often overhear them talk about using ‘double’ condoms as a way of avoiding HIV,” he narrated with no trace of shyness on his face. “But my Coach taught us that using more than one condom can lead to breakage thereby defeating the purpose of the condom in the first place.”

But like all of his co-participants, the issue of gender equality has sunk deep inside of Daniel that he boldly declared himself to be a changed man! “I have also changed; now I fetch water, I help my parents and siblings at home,” he told YEDI’s Communications Officer with a humourless smile on his face.