As for Victor Okoye, a 14-year-old student of Oshodi Senior Secondary School, even though he learnt so many things, was particularly elated about the fact that he can now speak up. Self-confidence is a big deal among school boys, especially in public schools. Self-esteem as one of the influential factors which affect student’s academic achievement is a subject that has received increasing attention among stakeholders the world over. Just like many boys his age, Victor Okoye had been grappling with low self-esteem and inability to speak up, especially being able to confront those he called “gallant boys” in his class. “They used to bully me, because I used to be afraid to stand up to them,” Victor told YEDI’s Master Coach during one of the Coach Support Visits. “But now, I’m no longer afraid of them because they taught us many things including how to SPEAK UP which is Practice 10,” said Victor, during the evaluation session after practice 10. “As I am now, I can talk to anybody, even you, Uncle, because my eyes are now open,” Victor enthused.