The YEDI SKILLZ Holiday Camp (Season 6) begins today, July 30!!! Since 2013, YEDI has consistently convened the SKILLZ Holiday Camp (SHC), a week-long, intensive, non-residential community socio-behavioural health camps empowering over 16,000 adolescents, and giving them an opportunity to be trained on YEDI’s SKILLZ curricula and access health services and referrals – for free!

This year, YEDI is targeting 4,000 young people in at-risk communities in Lagos, Abuja, Akwa Ibom and Ogun, creating a safe space for them to be empowered with relevant skills to develop healthy and protective behaviors; knowledge and access to health services they need to thrive; as well as skills for economic empowerment.
Some young people who have participated in the free #Summer camps and parents share their experience:

“The long vacation was very memorable for me. I participated in SKILLZ Holiday Camp and had fun. Now I have what it takes to live an HIV-free life.”
— Olawale, Abulegba

“My last summer holiday was the best! Apart from playing football in a more meaningful way, I learnt how to treat girls as equally as boys. I also made plenty of equally knowledgeable friends in my support network.”
……..Shittu Tobiloba

“I have never enjoyed any long vacation like the last one with SKILLZ Holiday Camp. I played, danced, laughed, ate and learnt loads of things. But I cannot forget that now, I know how to be free of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.”
……Omojuyigbe Blessing

“Thanks to the SKILLZ Holiday Camp, I can let go of my friends that pressure me to risky behaviors and build my team with supporters instead.”
……Okoro Esther

“Due to the SKILLZ Holiday Camp, I no longer discriminate or stigmatize people living with HIV/AIDS. Instead I care and support them as long as I do not come in contact with the four body fluids that spread the virus.”
…….Ogunlusi Tayo

“In the last SKILLZ Holiday Camp, my opinion on self-medication changed for the better. It saves us a lot of deaths if we visit the hospital instead of Iya Alagbo or roadside chemist.”
……….Ifaturoti Tolulope

“The SKILLZ Holiday Camp is a remarkable experience for me. I wished it went on forever. I played, gained knowledge on health decisions, team building, relationships, and so much. I can’t wait for another SKILLZ Holiday Camp!”
……… Elendu Tonia

“With the knowledge I gained from the SKILLZ Holiday Camp, I am sure that my generations to come will be free of malaria forever. I will make sure LLINS are never lacking at home.”
……..Praise Abolaji

“I truly enjoyed and learnt from the SKILLZ Holiday Camp. Abstinence is the surest way to evade HIV, so am zipping up and am cool!”
…….Olatunde Victor

“The program was very educative and makes me to know the complications of having sex. I’ve learnt that the best way to avoid HIV is by abstaining from sex or the use of condom.”
……. Nwosi Blessing

“I’m sure by now many of the children now know what abstinence is and I thank the organizer of the SKILLZ Holiday Camp. Also they should put more effort to pass the message to other girls across the nation. More power to your elbow!”
…. Mrs. Olasupo

“Before the SKILLZ Holiday Camp, I used to be very shy. But now, I can stand up among people and even correct their risky behaviors. I am excited to be a game-changer.”
…… Balogun Ibukun

“The SKILLZ Holiday Camp is an experience I will never forget. I played a lot and ate too. I realize I have the power to make healthy decisions that will help my life.”
…..Williams Sandra

“As for me, there are four things I can never forget; unprotected sex, multiple partners, older partners, sex and alcohol. These are the risky behaviors that can endanger my life. I know this because of the SKILLZ Holiday Camp.”
…Laorou Bolanle

“I understand how crucial it is to stand up to the pressure of having sex at my age, thanks to the SKILLZ Holiday Camp I participated in. It was so enlightening.”
…. Chukwudi Godspower

“The SKILLZ Holiday Camp taught me so much. How to be team mates with positive minds, and especially how to avoid the dangerous malaria and HIV/AIDS. Besides, I had sooo much fun.”
….. Saviour Utibe