As a result of Religious and cultural sensitivities, many Nigerians are in denial of the commonness of teenage sex. According to the National and Demographic Health Survey (DHS) 2013, there are only three in ten women reported to have had sexual intercourse at age 20 or later. 54 % have started having sex before turning 18, while a stunning 24 % started even before age 15. This is why some of the training sessions of the SKILLZ Girl curriculum are HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP and KNOW YOUR RIGHT where young girls are taught the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship, the power of choice, the skills to say NO to sex, the consequences of sex, goal setting, and lots more.

17-year-old Melinda (not real name), one of the participants was in a sexual relationship with a young man before she joined the program, but not anymore. “I really liked the guy so much that it was difficult to refuse him sex,” she told our program coordinator, a few weeks after the training and counselling session.

“After that day we had the counselling session, I learnt that the best way to avoid sex for those already in a relationship is to end whatever relationship we had and focus first on our goals.”

Armed with the knowledge from the SKILLZ Girl program, Melinda summoned up her courage took a life-changing decision: “So, I told him we had to stop having sex but he refused. He threatened that if I refused to have sex with him, he would leave me.” Melinda chose to leave – a decision that has left her happy and time to face her goals. “I confidently chose to leave him. I am happy I made that decision,” she said.