The BMZ SKILLZ Girl project has been so wonderful. It was wonderful working with the girls, I got the opportunity to meet different young girls with different backgrounds but I am glad that I have been able to impact their lives.

You see, many of my participants shared stories of change with me – change that occurred because of the program. The one that stood out for me – and really touched me was one of my participants who was in a relationship where her boyfriend was always beating her up and having sex with her whenever he wished to. However, when we did Practice Three (SEX AND GENDER), Practice Four (HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP) and Practice Six (KNOW YOUR RIGHT), she reported to me how she gained the confidence and the ability to resist the guy and make decisions when they want to have sex. She also told me that she’s planning to leave the relationship because she found out that it is not right for a man to hit a woman and it’s not just the guy that makes the decisions in a relationship.

I am so happy that she learnt something from all the practices we have done and I believe when she is getting into another relationship, she would not make the mistakes of getting into an unhealthy one.

Apart from that, my life as a SKILLZ Coach has also changed. I’m happy that I didn’t just only impact the life of people without my life being impacted too. Before now, I was in a relationship. I didn’t even know there was anything like healthy and unhealthy relationship. This guy was in the habit of controlling me to the extent of wanting to know every phone call I made. I taught it was love. After we did Practice Four, I realized, for the first time, that I was not in a healthy relationship; that when a guy tries to control you, it is a form of abuse – emotional abuse. However, I eventually left the relationship. Today I’m a better person all thanks to the BMZ program.

I am in a community called Idua Assang. A major challenge there is teenage prostitution – some of the girls, when they manage to get to SS3, they become pregnant. Not that they stop when they give birth, they tend to enjoy it and continue giving birth at their tender age. I feel very bad for them but then I think this BMZ program that has come to Oron is for good and I really want the program should continue.

I am an orphan, I lost my mum eight years ago and my dad last year. Surviving as a young girl has not been easy. I had so many chances to mess up but I chose not to. I want to be the reason why somebody won’t give up, so I don’t want to mess up because you can’t give what you don’t have. I want to touch lives that’s why I want my study to be focused on health. I also plan to have an orphanage if the grace is there.

My message is: do not sell your body because you want to make it. You can still keep your dignity and be who you want to be in life. Make sure you reach your goals the right way and improve on yourself.” – Miss Precious M. Usuyak, aka Coach Presh