“For people who may have been exposed to HIV, knowledge is critical to making informed decisions about their future. An HIV test is a serious event with potentially serious outcomes. But no matter the result, the test provides vital information. A negative result is an opportunity to take deliberate steps to prevent future acquisition through prevention methods tailored to that individual’s risks. A positive test result—and a confirmatory diagnosis—is never welcome news, but for people living with HIV, it is a necessary first step towards a long and healthy life.” (http://www.unaids.org/en/resources/documents/2018/knowledge-is-power-report)
With this year’s theme as #KnowYourStatus , we are collaborating with Unfpa Ypp Lagos and Lucina Hope Foundation to provide free #HIV testing and #Counselling services to over 2,000 persons across 6 at-risk locations in Lagos, amid a football tournament and other fun activities.
Also available: free malaria testing, body vitals, distribution of bed nets, etc.
Many thanks to our sponsors and partners
M·A·C Cosmetics (MAC AIDS Fund)